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Tea Leaf Reading Class
Sunday, December 16, 2018, 02:00pm - 04:30pm

Join The ApotheCraft Shop for Tea Time!
They are having the wonderful Susanne joining them to educate in the art of reading tea leaves!
Woohoo! Should be fun, interesting and the Organic Tea will be ready to brew and sip and read!

Description of Class and Teacher:

Experience a tea party of a different sort. Discover the joys and mysteries of tea leaf reading with Susanne. Learn the ritual involved in preparing the tea as well as detailed instructions on how to read the pattern of the leaves. Bring your intuition with you to this tea leaf reading class as we explore the messages and symbols provided by the leaves.
Susanne has studied, and been reading, tea leaves for several years. She has hosted tea leaf reading parties in Arizona and California as well as done private readings. Now she would like to share her interest in the tea leaves with others, teaching this accessible and always fascinating process of answering questions people have about their lives and future with help from the tea. You will discuss the various types of tea, as well as the proper cups to use, as well. Come join Susanne and learn how to find fortunes in a tea cup.


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Location : The ApotheCraft Shop 408 N. Florence Street Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Contact : 520-518-1461


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